Engineering Services

Support for:

Pre-Sales Engineering Support:

Ontrac Technologies Limited (OTL) have both the technical expertise and the local knowledgebase to foster an environment where both you and your potential customers can seamlessly understand the benefits of your offering and the applicability of it to their needs. A team of our sales engineers are assigned to work on your products and advise on applicable localization factor necessary to achieve sales.

Post-Sales Engineering &
Technical Support:

In today's high tech and sophisticated products environment, user-error often means that the product did not work and must be returned to the manufacturer whilst having a local engineering team knowledgeable on your product can save your thousands of money in unnecessary returns and at the same increase the reliability of your product in the local environment --Ontrac Technologies Limited (OTL) have both the technical expertise to provide 1st and 2nd level technical support while your team deals with level 3 support only. It is a win win support strategy to keep your customers happy and reduce support cost.

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