Commercial Product Areas

Our line of commercially available security technologies are based on the concept that Law Enforcement Agencies are not magicians but intelligence gathering officers that need vital information from you to start an investigation in other to assist you. Their investigation must start somewhere and pointing them to the right direction will often make the difference between life and death.


Welcome to the next generation of personal tracking which in the past was done using GPS devices embedded in cars to track the car's movement. Brothers-Keeper is a Smart-App running on smartphones to log your movement to a central server that only you have power to access, but you can authorize loved ones "Friends, Brothers, and Sisters" to help watch over "Keeper" you. In the event of an incident, your authorized Keeper(s) can make the information available to Law Enforcement Agency to assist them in their investigation –sometimes the right information is the difference between life and death situation. Below are case studies showing the power of Brothers-Keeper:

Mr. Okeke left Abuja at 5am in the morning heading to Enugu when a trailer forced him off the road in Lokoja into a ditch where he was knocked unconscious for days before his untimely demised. Mr. Okeke was discovered dead three days later after intensive search for his whereabouts –the only information provided to law enforcement agency is that he left Abuja and never made it to Enugu which meant that something happened to him and the LEA needed to search every inch of the 203KM high way. If Brothers-Keeper was running on Mr. Okeke's phone, LEA would have better information to narrow their search to less than 5KM radius and could have possible provided assistance to Mr. Okeke on time.

Benefits include

Knowing where your loved ones are when tragedy strike
Assisting the law enforcement agencies to quickly locate and provide assistance to your loved ones