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E-Law Enforcement, E-Defense, & E-Government

Over the past decade, Ontrac have deployed solutions to keep the citizens safer. As patriots, we have conceived, designed, and deployed some of the most advanced solutions for E-Law Enforcement, E-Defense, and E-Government in Africa.

Our Case Management & Criminal Records solution are the engine block used by many of the top law enforcement agencies in Africa.

We have built custom solutions for e-KYT (Know Your Target), GIS CDM (Geographical Information for Criminal Database Mapping), and LBS (Location Based Services) for Government Emergency contact centers (112, 911, and others).

We have delivered 100% of our projects with 100% customer satisfaction rate for the one reason that we know the environment we operate, more than any other company. When you need a solution that can work, we delivered it with two years warranty and guaranteed customer support services. You need Ontrac Technologies Limited to be working with you.

We don't just build and deploy technology, we stick around to support it for years to come.

Our strength comes from having dedicated team of engineers, project managers, and support team that believe we have a higher calling to provide safety for our citizens.

Telecom, Big Data, and SaaS (Software as a Service Solutions)

Ontrac have solutions for the telecom sector ranging from back-end solutions such as Tandem-SMLC to value added services (VAS) based on IoT (Internet of Things) Devices and cLBS (Commercial Location Based Services).

Our deep knowledge of the telecom environment gives us the added advantages to innovate solutions that keeps down subscriber loss and provide new sources of revenue for the operator.

Our Big Data solution have capacity of ingesting 2,000,000 records per day making it ideal for processing large volumes of data and generating intelligence for business decision support and for government data-driven decisions for urban planning and reginal development.

Launched in 2019, our SaaS division have designed, developed, and deployed many novel solutions that have far reaching implications on improving service delivery, commerce, and safety in Africa. Some of our works include E-OO-BIT (Employment On & Off Boarding Information Tracking) which keeps track of key employment data to assist employers in their hiring decisions (eoobit.com);

The Iseegi solution that incorporates Asset Optimization & Performance tracking that is based on IoT devices, cLBS, and location services of Android phones and it is delivered as services meaning that users pay a small amount to have access to such a powerful and expensive solution (iseegi.com).

Why choose us?

IntelliPMS -Hotel PM Solution

A team of our young engineers have kept busy innovating solutions for traditional, brick & morter businesses with applicable localization factor necessary to achieve success.

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Iseegi -Performance & Asset Tracking

Nextlevel Asset tracking, Workforce Management, & Performance monitoring tool. Based on our IoT and Commercial LBS (cLBS) backend technology, Iseegi can track, measure, ane report on more than 10,000 devices on a single screen.

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RideOntrac -Africa's #1 E-Hailing App

Ontrac Technologies Limited (OTL) partnered with RideOntrac Limited to deploy best-in-class e-taxi app. The app have high end security features to keep both the driver and rider safe.

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